Tips for Selecting a Cleveland Wedding Photographer

If you are planning to get married in or around Cleveland, Ohio, and you are currently looking for a wedding photographer, selecting one may be the single most important decision you will make on your journey to the alter. Here are some of the most important factors to consider when hiring a wedding photographer:

The Photographer’s Personality

This person will be with you, your friends and your family all day long! Their personality should be an extremely important part of your selection process. They will set the tone for the day, need to be able to deal with issues and other personalities, and you will have to work with them not only on your wedding day, but with your engagement session, and your creative shots along with post wedding image selections. At Todd Anguish Photography, we have extensive experience photographing weddings of all sorts, so it doesn’t matter if you are getting married indoors or out, if it’s sunny or raining, we know how to handle pretty much every situation with professionalism and class. We also pride ourselves in our ability to pull people’s personalities out, even with the ones who don’t like to have their pictures taken.

Cleveland Wedding Photography Prices

Price is almost always a factor when selecting a wedding photographer, but it should NOT be the only one. Just ask anyone you know who’s been married what they wish they would have spent more money on and we guarantee they will tell you, “the photography”. Almost no one will remember the wedding favors you handed out or your chair decorations, so invest wisely with a personable, knowledgeable, creative, and artistic photographer who has the highest quality control and provides heirloom quality products with their artwork. We hear horror stories all the time about couples who selected their wedding photographer solely based on price. Wedding albums that have fallen apart and missing important pictures and shots are just some of the issues that can occur when trying to cut cost. Just remember, when your special day is over, all you have to remember that day will be through your photographs. Make sure you do not take this decision lightly. Click here to learn more about our wedding photography pricing.

An Engagement Shoot

All our wedding photography packages include an engagement session. Take this into account when selecting a photographer as some do not offer this and others have it as an add-on service. We also take the time to get to know our couples so that we can create special photographs that mean something to them, as opposed to simply taking their picture. We can also assist with wardrobe and location choices, as we know tons of great places in and around Cleveland that make the perfect backdrops for engagement shoots.

Wedding Albums

When you are searching for a Cleveland wedding photographer, you should make sure that a wedding album is included in the package.  After all, when your day is over, all that remains are the photographs.  What good are those beautiful photographs if they aren’t put together in a well-designed, quality built heirloom album? If your photographer provides an album in their offerings, you should ask what size options they have, the type of album they offer, how many pages or images you get, and what cover options they have available.  At Todd Anguish Photography, all of our wedding packages include an heirloom quality album with a large selection of options.

Wedding Day Coverage

Another very important factor when selecting your wedding photographer is knowing the amount of time they will be covering.  Typically, you will want your photographer with you most of the day. After all, you are not hiring them to capture just the wedding ceremony.  For the most part, your wedding day should include around 8-10 hours of photography coverage.  Just make sure you know how much time you will be getting as some photographers offer limited time and charge more for added time.